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PR & Press Releases / Photography / Multi Media Comms / Copywriting

PR & Press Releases / Photography / Multi Media Communications / Copywriting & Proof Reading

Experience gained over the past 15 years gives 'I More than Brand' the skills, confidence and expertise to deal effectively with the regional and national media.

PR & Press Releases

We have the experience of having written and sent a diverse range of over 1000 press releases (plus thousands of supporting photographs) to the regional and national print, broadcast and electronic media.

Given that press releases are sent with no guarantees of being used, we are proud of our 95%+ successful 'hit rate'. Successful press releases can provide almost free advertising and promotion.

A strategically planned approach to generating press releases can provide tremendous profile raising benefits in terms of brand awareness.

Your campaign might include stories about 'celebrating success'... helping your company 'navigate through a crisis'... highlight and articulate 'a new product or service' etc.

The best and most successful PR grows out of a planned and integrated approach to marketing that embraces all company communications, promotional tools and activities... in a way that reflects sound 'joined-up-thinking' inside your company.

It is challenging, time consuming and therefore costly to create an ongoing positive identity for a company BUT very easy (and therefore even more costly) to damage or destroy what might be a well-established and positive brand identity. Better that you plan and act as best as you can to be in control of your own brand destiny and ambition.


We have lots of in-house experience and expertise in photography, whether for PR or design and print purposes. We also have well-established, tried and tested', links with a number of specialist photographers (plus video and film makers) should we need to utilise external support services.

Multi Media Communications

We can provide: bespoke Adobe PDF or PowerPoint presentations: email campaigns: touch screen technology solutions: maps: diagrams: interactive charts: e-learning (staff development and training packages)... and much more.

Copywriting & Proof Reading

We have a wealth of experience in 'fit-for-purpose' copywriting for a wide range of company types, industry sectors and applications, including: technical specification sheets, large prospectus and catalogue type documents, employee handbooks, advertising, case studies and testimonials, staff recruitment, text content for websites and questionnaires (inc. interactive PDF questionnaires) etc. We also provide proof reading services.

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