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Branding & Corporate Identity
A logo is not a 'brand'. At best, a logo is a well-conceived and developed visual/emblematic representation of a brand. All logos are both signs and symbols. The best logos carry and convey the right brand values and concepts.

Our view is that 'Branding' is about more than just a logo... branding is about identity (and personality)... branding is about perceptions, associations and values... branding is about staff behaviour... branding is about how companies and organisations project themselves in a very competitive market place... branding is about

Feel the pulse of your company... has it got a healthy heart beat?

Setting out to 'brand' or 'rebrand' a company or organisation should be a serious undertaking, so don't seek to design or change a logo without a lot of research, analysis, discussion and strategic planning.

Don't change your logo unless you have very good reasons to do so. Creating or changing a logo is only a small part of the branding journey.

See link to 'Branding' PowerPoint Slideshow below.

Branding Slideshow

'I More Than Brand' seeks to avoid design solutions that have an identifiable house-style about them. We're interested in working with you to produce, high quality, bespoke, fit-for-purpose solutions that are relevant to your business and industry sector... helping your business to positively 'stand out from the crowd'. Our aim is to produce work that 'you own and value' as an accurate representation and presentation of your company and the aspirations you have for it.

communication and message... branding is about winning new and securing repeat business... branding is as much about internal communications as is to do with external communications.

Branding, corporate identity and marketing are all fundamentally linked to how a company or organisation 'thinks, acts and breathes'... through everything it does ...and plans to do.

Design for Print & Websites / Advertising & Promotion

'I More Than Brand' provides: Design & Art Direction / Logos / Leaflets / Flyers / Brochures / Badges / Stationery / Folders / Signage / Catalogues / Prospectuses / Annual Reports / Labels / Exhibition & Display Solutions / Design & Print Solutions for Large Format Images and Advertising Boards / Content Development, Design and Optimization for Websites + Visitor Tracking and Analysis / CD ROMs / Presentation Slideshows / Photography / Digital and 4 Colour (plus) Print Solutions / Packaging Design / Billboards / Blimps / Bus Advertising / Advertorials / Radio Adverts (scripting, recording, voice-overs) / Telecomm 'On-hold' Music & Narration Solutions / Banners / Event Management / Adverts for Print Media / Art for Offices... and much, much more...

Market Research

'I More Than Brand' also provides Market Research Services re: brand perceptions and awareness.

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