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Make the most of our '3 Hours FREE Consultation' offer...

At 'I More Than Brand' we feel it's really important for our first meeting with potential clients to be informal and in a relaxed environment. We can talk about how we work and we've got lots of evidence available to show you what we've achieved with other clients.

Once a date and time to get together has been agreed, we usually do a little research to find out more about your products and/or services. This research provides us with the information we need to ask lots of questions and aid discussions when we meet.

Typically, this first meeting takes up to three hours and, along with the multiple cups of tea and coffee, is FREE.


We have a range of hourly, day and project rates relating to: creative work (design and copywriting etc) / proof reading / art working / research / press releases / staff development etc. 
Please Contact us for more information.

There's no big 'pay-us-up-front' fee request when you work with 'I More Than Brand'.

Prior to undertaking any work on your behalf we'll seek to agree the likely cost parameters in advance.

We prefer not to enter into contractual formalities but rather develop relationships with our clients that are based on trust. A trust that is developed over time and based on your experience of us and the quality of the work we do.

Depending on the nature of work undertaken, we usually invoice on a monthly basis. Invoices are always sent with supporting weekly timesheets that itemise (in brief) time spent on particular tasks and the associated costs.

In our experience very few SMEs set aside a pot of funds for marketing purposes. It's our aim to make the work we do for our clients as affordable as we can.

No Add-on Fees

Over the past 15 years we have developed excellent working relationships with a number of tried and tested expert: photographers, website builders, sign-makers, printers, and suppliers of corporate gifts and clothing etc.

In the event that we agree with a client that there is a need to utilise the services or purchase products from one or more of these specialists, 'I More Than Brand' DOES NOT add-on a fee or commission charge for any such products or services.

In most cases these specialists will invoice our clients directly. In some cases e.g. the purchase of corporate gifts and some display products (etc) our clients benefit from being charged at 'trade rates'.

Clients have often remarked on how searching and thought provoking an experience this first meeting was for them.

The more you know about 'I More Than Brand' before we meet, the less time we'll spend talking about ourselves when we do... make the most of your FREE consultation by reading the information available in the About section of our website.

Our Commitment & Your Ownership

Any research, copywriting and design work (etc) undertaken on your behalf is owned by you. We're very happy to provide you with copies of any work we've generated on your behalf, whether during or at the end of our working relationship. This facility is available to you on request and at no charge.

We will not use any work undertaken/created on your behalf for our own promotional/marketing purposes without your expressed approval.

Clients have frequently complimented us on our speed of turnaround, the diversity and strength of our ideas, particularly in the areas of logo, brand identity and editorial design. This is a reputation we aim to uphold and is our commitment to you on all aspects of our services.

Quick-Fix Check List

Check out the contents of the Quick-Fix Check List link below... and ask the question: 'Might there be an idea or two here that we could use to help promote our products/services?'

Quick-Fix Sales & Promo Check List

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